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The Redmond Lacrosse Club is dedicated to promoting the sport of lacrosse and providing our student athletes the opportunity to learn the fundamentals and develop their skills while fielding competitive teams and honoring the game.

We serve players from Kindergarten to 12th grade who reside in the area served by Redmond High School in Redmond, WA.

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#Go Mustangs!



by: Rick Claus

#FutureLegends program launched

RLC has been trying to enable early entry into the sport of lacrosse that is age appropriate and fun to play. It has been hit or miss over the last few years, but last year we saw a big uptake in interest. 

This year we are going one step further!

We're launching a #FutureLegends team open to Pre-K to Grade 2. We're also going to remove any barrier that might be holding folks back from signing up.  How?  Program costs are only $25 for the season AND we are REMOVING all barriers to participating by offering FREE LOANER EQUIPMENT for the 2018 Spring season.

I am happy to announce our Pre-K to grade 2 program (a.k.a. #FutureLegends) registration is NOW OPEN.  They will have regular practices starting the in the spring (March 5th) and will fall on Mondays in the 5pm to 6pm time range at Marymoor Park. They will be lead by our varsity HS coach (Coach Rob) and Coach Adam (Former Cornell Goaltender) as well as various assistants to keep these energetic kids involved / engaged and moving.

Please help us get the word out for this fantastic opportunity to get new young players down the path of loving lacrosse.

by: Rick Claus

The Wait is over - 2018 Registration OPEN!


It's that time again! Our 2018 Spring season registration IS NOW OPEN!

Our coaching staff is lined up.  The season awaits for YOU and your player! Fields are still being finalized, practice plans are being laid out for one of the best seasons our club has had to date.

If you are a new family looking to join our Lacrosse family and learn to love this sport OR a returning veteran - we have the club and the season for YOU. 

We've done our best to make sure registration fees are competitive with other programs and don't present a barrier for getting your player out on the field.  Partial and full sponsorships are available - email  coachrob@redmondlacrosse.com our Program Director for more details.

Don't forget - New players can take advantage of our FREE equipment loaner program to get you started!  Don't let the cost of equipment keep your player on the sidelines. Our program has limited quantities - but we haven't had to turn down a request as of yet.  Get your info into   coachrob@redmondlacrosse.com.

Go to the REGISTER NOW page to get started!

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by: Rick Claus